WJF Technical Support – An Overview

WJF Technical Support is a Blackpool based company that specialises in providing contract engineers into the transport and energy sectors.  Alongside this, we provide permanent recruitment options for all sectors although engineering remains our speciality.  We also have a long history of providing temporary engineering support throughout the UK, and well beyond our shores.

Our recruitment process is a competency based, robust procedure and our electronic database allows us to quickly identify candidates for any role that is required. In the transport sector, we have extensive databases of skilled personnel to cater for roles within the Rail industry, PSV & HGV technicians, and more diverse/niche areas within transport such as Military, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance.

We operate the Oil and Gas side of our business from our offices in Aberdeen ; from here we provide 24-hour cover to provide the necessary rapid response required within that industry, covering roles within Pipeline & Process to Well Services, plus also now we have capacity to bid for and undertake engineering scopes directly, utilising our in-house engineering experience.

For several years, we have been working in partnership with Eminox and have played an extensive role in fitting low-emission exhaust systems to bus & truck in all areas of the UK. In addition to that we also have service engineers who provide service and warranty work for all the systems that have been installed.

To challenge and improve ourselves we have taken care to ensure that our processes are up to date and of a sufficient standard to withstand external auditor scrutiny.


We became ISO 9001 accredited in 2013.The constant auditing scrutiny has helped us ensure that our organisational processes have remain robust and efficient.


We continue to provide engineers into the Oil and Gas Sector and are FPAL accredited.  This industry specific accreditation shows all companies who are looking to engage with us that we have all the necessary standards and competencies in place.


As we now provide engineers in the rail sector, we gained our fully audited RISQS accreditation.  This certification ensured that our already good Health and Safety systems and processes were elevated to a new level to comply with the rigorous standards demanded within the rail sector.

If you have any recruitment/ temp labour requirements, then please give us a call on 01253 340565.  We are experienced, competent, and professional and will be able to help with any vacancy, campaign, or engineering projects that you have.  You can call us, email us, text us, tweet us, or dm us: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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