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Watching an office move from lockdown


Back in the good old days of early March 2020, we decided to move our Head Office from its current location.  Everything was planned, risk assessments were done (Simon never, ever to use a drill or a hammer seemed to be the No. 1 priority – not sure why), a detailed action plan was drawn up and the new location identified.  How quickly things changed.

The UK went into lockdown and all our meticulous plans were torn to shreds.  Our office staff were equipped to work remotely, but even this changed and we were furloughed as the Covid pandemic wreaked its havoc across the UK.

Time ticked by; contracts were signed electronically but everything else ground to a halt.  We needed phonelines connected, the office furniture moving, glass panels sourcing sourcing and installing, new carpet laying, but the barriers created by the circumstances made everything extremely difficult to execute.

Step forward WJF Technical Support MD who single-handedly, and in a safe, secure social distancing manner, pulled the move together and we can now officially announce that our new offices are open for business.

I am a bit concerned though.  We are now up on the second floor, overlook Blackpool Airport and there is a real chance that my plane spotting nerdiness may lead to many future moments of distraction.  I will need to stay focu…