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New competency assurance matrix

Oil Platforms

WJF have introduced a new and improved competence assurance matrix.

At a glance, clients will be able to determine knowledge, skills and experience with listed core disciplines and service grades.

We take an analytical overview of our candidate’s service history along with relevant documentation and certification and map them into our competence matrix.

An informal discussion with one of our industry experts helps us understand the candidate’s previous roles and ‘on the job’ training to give an accurate picture and identify any gaps.

Our matrix acts as a common mechanism to determine competences without having to tease out fragments from a host of CVs all in differing formats.

Importantly, it can open ‘closed doors’ by defining a candidate’s service capabilities in a way no CV can.

We know our clients require proof of competence particularly when offered a technician that they have not worked with before.

Having a training certificate is not proof of competence, it’s proof of attendance on a course but in combination with other critical evidence competence can be demonstrated and assured.

Everyone has a story of working with someone who had a fantastic CV but was less than capable on the job. 

At WJF we pride ourselves that a fantastic CV means our clients get a fantastic candidate who is capable, confident and competent in their profession.

This simple yet innovative enhancement was devised alongside a highly experienced and qualified independent expert.

It shows our technical staff to their best advantage and compliments our clients’ QHSE systems by meeting their expectations of pre assessment and competency.